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Past Reviews


Indelac actuator has a significant advantage over these other actuators

Product: R4BF03-2 & RXPBF03-2



Each actuator was tested in two different scenarios. The first scenario was on the bench not connected to a valve. Each actuator was connected to an ON/OFF timing relay. The timing relay was set to open and close the actuator at a 75% duty cycle. For our case we used one minute open, three minutes closed.
The second scenario was testing each actuator on the system that we plan to use them on. The actuator would be turning a ¾” ball valve. The duty cycle for our system is closer to thirty seconds open, five minutes closed.

Each actuator was tested in both scenarios for three weeks a piece. Each actuator had no problems in each scenario. The current was measured in both scenarios and was a little higher when connected to the valve. Usually around 0.5 Amps when hooked to the valve and 0.48 Amps when not connected to a valve. The actuators have and excellent cycle time, 2.5 seconds. This is faster than the current actuators we use and we were very happy with their cycle time.

We are very pleased with these actuators, especially the actuator that is classified for hazardous areas. In the past the actuators that we have used for division one areas has been very bulky and slow. The Indelac actuator has a significant advantage over these other actuators not only in size but cycle time. 

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