Indelac Controls Production Lead Time

Lead times given below are approximate and are stated in good faith to the best of our ability at this time and commensurate with foreseeable schedule. Once a purchase order is received, ICI will assign a definitive ship date based on availability of parts, material and production time.

For project/order with quantity of 10 or more, or if you have questions about the information below, please contact us at or 859-727-7890.

 Model Lead Time in Weeks
R4 F03 2
R4 F04 6
RXP F03 2
RXP F04 2
SD/SDX4              3
SR/SX4 4
SR/SX7 5
MS4 4
MR4 4
ML4 4
MH4 or 7 4
MS7 4
MR7 4
ML7 4
L 5
L F07/F10 5
ES2 5
AS 4
K 11
19K 11
27K 11
SnS 4-15 4
SnS 20-28 5
Multi-Turn 5
VT-56 Limit Switch 2
Fail-Safe 6
Control Panel N4 4
Control Panel N7 8

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